Alex Burnette

Alex Burnette
VP Operations & Service Manager
Works At:

“Being aware that jewelry is more than an adornment, its part of your life story and a moment in time. I am able to help people mark special moments in their life and that is exciting!”

Alex started his career at Grant Laughter Jewelry in 2016 after a operating in private sector security. As military veteran, and a family man he has a passion for operations and creating memories. With years in logistics and asset protection Alex works closely to ensure that our client’s personal jewelry and family heirlooms are tracked, protected, and the work is performed correctly to our superior standards.

With excellent communication, he assesses our client’s individual stories and experiences to help accomplish their goal of repairing, creating or remodeling jewelry. Alex has a desire to serve others and facing a challenging situation and providing solutions that meet everyone’s needs.

When Alex is not devoting himself to his passion at Grant Laughter Jewelry, he enjoys sampling fine bourbons, spending time with his family, and being an avid outdoorsman.

“With great pleasure do I choose to work with Alex, he is a man of honor and respect. He has a true talent for organization and security and it’s a pleasure to know that my jewelry, and my clients is well protected in his care. I’m honored to work with Alex and I hope that you feel the same way when you meet him.” – Grant Laughter

“Laughter Jewelry is a fantastic business. They are professional, accommodating, and have excellent customer service. I went in to have a custom piece made and was assisted by Alex Burnette. The entire staff is attentive and help you find everything you need within your budget. I would recommend them for all your jewelry needs and I will be returning myself!” - Cheontre Alexander

“This place is the best! I love my watches and after being helped by Alex in the last couple of days, I won’t be going anywhere else again. So impressed with the customer service. Thank you!” – Mike Ward