Jewel Rose

Jewel Rose
Sales & Design
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"Working at Grant Laughter Jewelry is the most welcoming and heartwarming experience for me. I truly enjoy helping a client create timeless pieces of Jewelry from memorable experiences and developing long lasting friendships and relationships. I have so much fun playing with all the beautiful gemstones and diamonds and letting the lead me into a new and exciting design. Visit me today and let me show you the excitement of jewelry!"

Jewel Rose has a passion for jewelry design, gemstones, and diamonds and is a North Carolina native. She started her career at Grant Laughter Jewelry in 2022, and comes from the luxury car industry. With years of helping clients design their own luxury vehicles she brings an excellent vision for creating unique and special pieces of jewelry that capture the details each custom design takes.

When Jewel is not at work, she loves to paint, acrylics on canvas, playing the guitar and hiking with her dog Maple. Her three children keep her apprised on their varied careers in the United States Special Forces, the construction and restoration business, and one in the family underwater scuba business. As an avid cook her Italian plates are outstandingly delicious, but don’t get it near the AMG Mercedes!

"Working with Jewel is an honor. She is dedicated and passionate about everything she approaches. Her desire to be the best, and seek out the best is a tremendous gift to my team, and its a relief to know she always seeks the best for my clients. I hope you enjoy working with her as much as I do." - Grant Laughter

"Very excellent work and I know for a fact I can always trust them in their word and work. Classy and friendly staff with wonderful smiles and attitudes. I will always use Grant Laughter Jewelry for all my prized possessions. Classiest, most honest folks in the jewelry business!" -Jessica Wells