Nancy Hyatt

Nancy started her career in jewelry in 2018, but has always been in the numbers business. Her attention to detail and flexibility to work in the wild and varied are of modern jewelry make her an excellent fit with Grant Laughter Jewelry. She has a passion for making this absolutely perfect, and getting it done correctly and efficiently.

With her skills, she works avidly on the jewelry photography, jewelry descriptions for our web presence, and makes sure the business technical aspects are done superlatively.

When Nancy is not pursuing dotting our i's and crossing our t's, she loves to find all the possible trails for her love of e-biking. She creates scenery inspired by our surroundings in both pencil and acrylics. With that same creativity gardening, landscaping, and creating custom stationary and greeting cards.

"With great pleasure do I work with Nancy. She is unique in her trust, honesty, and desire to make everything work. She has true talent in being a kind genuine person who puts others first at every occasion she finds. I see her espouse that daily with the team, and when she works with my clients. I am honored to work with Nancy, and hope that you get the opportunity to meet her as well." - Grant Laughter

“These guys are so wonderful. I came in with inherited pieces and they advised me, cleaned and repaired my existing jewelry and advised me on a new piece. I trust them all!” – Nancy Williard