Diamonds - The Basics

Diamonds are all the same right? Beautiful rocks that people buy to mark special occasions in their life? There are companies out there who charge money to put their opinion on what a diamond is, and then they sell them based on the documents provided. At least that's what the box stores and the internet want you to believe. Diamonds can be understood with a piece of paper saying what it is.

We like to look at diamonds differently at Grant Laughter Jewelry. If we handed you a piece of paper that said this 5 foot 4 inch women with brown hair and green eyes, weighing 140 pounds with an average body size was a good match for you, would you agree with that statement? Or how about this 5 foot 3 inch woman with brown hair and green eyes weighing 141 pounds with an average body size, is this a good match for you? Its impossible to judge someone by what a piece of paper says about them, and its equally impossible to tell how pretty a diamond is by a piece of paper, or if this is the right diamond for her.

Without going into too much detail about diamond documents, lets take a moment and talk about what some grading companies do. They hire people, who are trained to make opinions on what a diamonds physical characteristics are. They look at cut, color, clarity, and carat. Sometimes they give their opinion on more advanced characteristics like polish, symmetry, florescence and proportions. One thing you won't hear is: 'There is no international standard on what a diamond "grade" is'. Legally I can call a piece of gravel from my neighbors driveway a D VVS1 excellent cut, polish and symmetry. The "grading" industry is so ripe with disinformation, one grading company actually sued a branch of their own company over their shady practices. Diamond "grading" is the wild west, and reading on the internet or talking to someone whose job it is to make their sales goal just wont cut it. Wouldn't it be nice to have someone who will help you see what makes THIS diamond unique, and why it is the perfect choice for her finger?

The Grant Laughter Diamond is hand picked. Each diamond in our case is hand selected, and we don't mean its our advertising slogan, John and Grant Laughter and Tammy Moseley literally hand select each diamond that we sell. We don't set out to find a piece of paper saying how awesome this diamond is, we set out to find the most beautiful diamond possible. When we are in front of a diamond cutter who has 1000 diamonds all g-h color 1 carat in size vs-si clarity we wont ask for the grade of each diamond, we sit down and look at them. Really look at them, in the light and outside of the light, with a loupe without and a loupe with microscope and without a microscope. We find the 1 diamond that is the best. The 1 diamond that out performs all the others and that is the John Laughter Diamond. We don't choose the top 50 for our 50 stores so 1 person gets the top diamond, and the 50th person gets the 50th best diamond. We sure don't put all 1000 up online and make you pick which one is best. We have 160 years of combined diamond buying experience over the last 40 years of business. We select only the best diamonds, and let you choose what is most important to you, from the finest diamonds available in the world.

We want you to be comfortable in the diamond that you select. We want to help you find the perfect diamond that signifies your love and symbolizes your commitment to each other. We know you wont get down on one knee and give a diamond certificate and that is why we are here. It is our job to give you the options of diamonds, and the knowledge to make the right choice on a diamond that you know she will love.

We will be honored to help you select the perfect diamond.