Diamonds - Carat

Carat Size

Carat is by far the simplest of the 4 c's to deal with. Carat is a measurement of weight, which in turn tells you how big of a diamond you are looking at. Often times diamonds are talked about in terms of "points". There are 100 points in a 1 carat diamond, so a 50 point diamond would be 1/2 of a carat, or .50 carats. A 200 point diamond would be a 2 carat. Different grading laboratories and jewelry organizations follow different ideas about the cut off for verbal descriptions of weight. For example you could be in a jewelry store talking about the size of a diamond and it could be called a 1 carat diamond. Depending on the store, you could be getting a .90 carat diamond, or a 1.09 carat diamond. For some ladies its very important to have the bragging rights of saying "I have a 1 carat diamond!", so its a factor to think about if the +/- 10 points makes a difference in your decision process.

There is a common misconception that all diamonds of the same weight look the same. That just isn't the case. A 1 carat round will look larger than a 1 carat princess cut (square), but smaller than a 1 carat oval. It is often the case that even when comparing the same shaped diamonds like rounds, you will find that the same "Carat" diamonds have a different look in visual size. We will talk about that in the next section "Cut".

One of the most important factors to think about when selecting Carat is to choose what is important to you, how big of a diamond do you want her to have?

Carat in the Grant Laughter Diamond makes up 5% of the selection process.