COVID-19 Coronoa Virus Buying

Gold and Silver Jewelry, Watches, Broken Jewelry, Scrap Gold, Coins and Bullion, Diamonds and Gemstones.

Let Grant Laughter Jewelry help you turn your jewelry investments into CASH today during the COVID-19 Coronavirus pandemic and ensuing Stay-Home Stay Safe orders.

We are now offering one on one appointments for you to sell your jewelry today for cash following the strict guidelines set by the CDC for social distancing, santization and hand washing.


During this outbreak, we are opperating at 0% profit. We feel its in our core values to help our local community fight through the economic side of this battle, and we should not profit when others are hurting. Let us help you get the absolute most from your jewelry, flatware, and all other items you may consider selling. Our license through the Buncombe County precious metals department allows us to help keep cash flowing through our local economy, ensuring people have the cash to make ends meet every day.